Re:Zero – Chapter 3: Truth of Zero Vol. 7 Review

Title: Re:Zero, Chapter 3: Truth of Zero Vol. 7
Author: Tappei Nagatsuki (Story), Daichi Matsuse (Art)
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Genre: Shounen, Battle, Fantasy
Publication Date: May 21, 2019

The Story

This was a pretty quick volume of Re:Zero all thanks in part to the fact that it was mostly action. We saw the conclusion of the battle with the White Whale and it was an amazing battle at that. There ended up being three whales at the end of the last volume but Subaru ended up figuring out what that is. In the meantime, the end up helping Wilhelm escape from the belly of the whale and that’s when he stole the show! This was also accompanied by some great backstory which I will detail in the characters section.

With the whale defeated, it seems that we’re not going to be wasting much time heading into the next battle! Subaru’s intentions were discovered and it looks like we will be taking the fight to the Witch’s Cult next!

That’s about all I can say about the story since the majority of the volume was taken up by the battle against the White Whale. Subaru definitely proved his worth in this volume. The ending was a bit bittersweet for Subaru when he saw the arrival of someone that he detests very much. It makes the next batter even more intriguing!


Wilhelm receives a good chunk of the volume dedicated to his backstory and how he came to meet his wife Theresia. It dove into Theresia’s days as a legendary swordswoman. Wilhelm, who hates flowers, challenged Theresia to a duel and lost, swearing that he would one day take that sword from her. Eventually, they fought again and this time Wilhelm won. He told her that she was now weaker than him and to give up the sword and that he would be the one to protect her. That’s when they shared their first kiss and fell in love. Holding their memories inside, Wilhelm used that rage to strike the final blows to the White Whale. Afterward, he was deeply indebted to Subaru for giving him the chance to fulfill his wish; however, Subaru tells him that it was Wilhelm that acted on his own and not to give him much credit if any at all.

The fact that Subaru ignited this battle and brought them all together caused both Wilhelm and Crusch to see him in a different light. With the royal selection still a thing, Subaru proclaims that he will make Emilia queen and that there is a chance that they would be rivals. Even if that were to happen, Crusch stated that she would never regard him as a true enemy but as something with deep admiration and respect. That is how much Subaru has won her over! After everything Subaru has suffered through up until this point, hearing those words from someone really moved him. It was the words he had been waiting to hear from someone this entire time! It almost as if the darkness was temporarily erased from within him and it was a great moment in the story and for Subaru as a character!

Final Thoughts

Just like the last volume, this one went by quick due to the battle; however, with Wilhelm’s backstory mixed in along with the setup for the next chapter/battle, the series didn’t take its foot off the gas for long. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the Witch’s Cult in the next volume of the series. After all, the whole point of this was to get back to Roswaal’s mansion before everything is laid to waste. Until that is accomplished, nothing is truly settled with this arc.

This also brings up the question of whether or not the White Whale’s defeat bestows a new save point on Subaru. Should he die, would he have to fight the White Whale again? That would suck if that were the case but it would be interesting to see how the battle would go a second time after seeing everything that the whale did and how it fell. This whole arc was built around getting to the mansion before the Witch’s Cult would destroy it so you would think that would be the new save point but I could be wrong in that.

Either way, we will find out in the next volume! Can’t wait!

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