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Retro-Bit Releasing Their Own 6-Button Controller For The Sega Genesis Mini

Ah, there’s the announcement I was waiting on.

While we all know that Sega will be releasing their Sega Genesis Mini in North America. It seems we’re only getting the original (lame) 3-button controllers with the system. Now, I’m all for the original controllers but what I really want is the 6-button controller. I was pretty bummed when Sega said that only the Japanese release would see the buttons. Thankfully, Retro-Bit is here with a save! They just announced that they’ll be releasing a 6-button controller for the Sega Genesis Mini.

retrobit sega genesis 6-button controller-02

According to Retro-Bit, this controller is exclusively designed for the Sega Genesis Mini. The controller will be available this August 2019, however, no price has been given as of yet.

There’s also going to be a live stream that will be taking place later today, with this new controller being shown off. Catch the live stream at 2PM PT / 5PM ET on both YouTube and Twitch.

So there’s hope everyone, we won’t have to to use the 3-button controller or use the mode button to switch between buttons. I hated doing that for the fighting games I played on the Sega Genesis in the past. Thanks, Retro-Bit for doing this!