Respawn Bans Hundreds of Thousands of Cheaters in Apex Legends

Apex Legends got off to a rocky start and now Respawn Entertainment is having to deal with cheaters in their game. Respawn Entertainment announced that they have banned nearly 777,000 cheaters from Apex Legends. Typically, most companies will be very vague about what they do behind the scenes in order to combat things like cheating. However, Respawn’s Drew McCoy wrote a blog post talking a little bit about their methodology.

Obviously, he can’t go into specifics because doing so would alert cheaters to their methods and lead them to develop tools to circumvent their efforts. McCoy stated that they are attacking cheaters from every angle by using improved tools to detect cheaters and by continuing to bolster those tools and resources at their disposal. They are also refining and improving processes and other “sneaky things” to combat sellers and cheaters.

In other words, McCoy delivered the standard rhetoric that any game studio would say but, then again, were you really expecting anything else?

Respawn Entertainment did release some numbers on their efforts so far which include:

Total Bans: 770,000 players
300,000 account creations blocked
4,000 accounts banned for cheat selling in the last 20 days alone
Over 1/2 of the matches on PC have been impacted by these bans, resulting in a more desirable play experience

Needless to say, Respawn is taking cheating very seriously and has vowed to continue the never-ending fight against those who use tools to abuse the game’s systems.