Queen’s Quality Vol. 7 Review

Title: Queen’s Quality Vol. 7
Author: Kyousuke Motomi
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance
Publication Date: June 4, 2018

The Story

Volume seven of Queen’s Quality continues the battle between Kyutaro and the ghost known as Komori. Komori has taken Kyutaro’s shape and is lashing at him pretty hard. Fumi and the white cat end up locating him. Fumi springs into action and beats the Komori, causing him to retreat. The cat heads off as the Komori chose new targets in Ataru and the others. Fumi does her best to heal Kyutaro in order to get him battle ready once again as they’re going to need his power in order to beat the Komori once and for all. The reason why the need Kyutaro more than anything because it was revealed that the Komori is actually Yataro… Kyutaro’s father!

Kyutaro arrives on the scene and confronts his father. After weakening him, the door into Yataro’s corpse vault opens. Fumi gets sucked inside and Kyutaro, Takaya, and the white cat chase after her. It is explained that a corpse vault is similar to a mind vault of a person, except, it’s the special place where their memories are held after they have died. With the power of the Dark Gray Queen, the three of them enter his father’s corpse vault where they meet Toko Horikita… Kyutaro’s mother! It is here, that the truth is actually explained about what happened the day Kyutaro’s parent’s died.

Takaya comes clean about the truth behind the mansion. It’s a pretty big reveal so I won’t go too much into it because there are a tremendous amount of spoilers there but let’s just say it opens up a huge mystery about a spell that was cast on Kyutaro and only the Queen can safely remove it. It’s an interesting twist that also added some depth to Takaya as a character. The volume ends with another revelation regarding Fumi and Kyutaro’s father… making the connection between herself and Kyutaro even deeper than before.

While we did resolve one mystery, a new one opens up and there are now TONS of questions to be had here. It’s almost if we’ve closed the book on one chapter without ever closing it and opened up a brand-new one altogether. Some of the parts here were a bit confusing as, first off, they’re in a spirit realm… now they entered the space of a ghost of the spirit realm and dove into its corpse vault. So, they are in a realm within a realm within a realm…. That’s a lot of realm diving.

Still, it’s an interesting way to provide some backstory here for our characters.


While there is a lot of backstory here, the problem is for as much as they’ve said, they didn’t really say much at all. I don’t want to get into spoilers but in the case of Fumi, all we learned about her was that she now has a tie to Kyutaro’s father. This, of course, is furthering the theory that Fumi is Fuyu, the girl from Kyutaro’s childhood. Heck, it’s pretty much confirmed at this point unless Kyousuke Motomi wants to pull a massive swerve on us. Of course, this opens a lot of questions as to how that affiliation played out.

Then there is a part about the spell being cast on Kyutaro. In a sense, Kyutaro also learned what his weaknesses are through fighting Komori/Yataro. While we did get the backstory on his parents and the truth behind their deaths, they still didn’t really say much about Kyutaro at all aside from this mystery. It seems that Motomi-san is doing his best at teasing us all while waiting for that one critical moment to hit us with the revelation of revelations. There have been so many links placed along this chain that sooner or later, it’s going to come to an end point and everything will have to be revealed. After 10 volumes between QQ Sweeper and Queen’s Quality, I have a feeling we are reaching that point where everything will be explained.

The big reveal also gave us more insight into Takaya and what his role has been with the Genbu clan all this time. Why he knows things about Kyutaro and his parents, why he knows stuff about Fumi. This was the big reveal that I don’t want to talk about because I just don’t want to spoil everything. If anything, he was the one given the biggest amount of development in this volume.

Final Thoughts

This was a very interesting edition of Queen’s Quality. While things seemed a bit confusing at first, they made sense once the big reveal happened but as I said, it raises way more questions than it does answer them. Like I said, I think the be all end all answer is coming soon and with the way things are setting up, it could be as soon as the next volume. Even still, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the series as we still have the bug handlers to deal with, namely the silver sea snake. I feel as if the series is at a point where it could be approaching that turning point into its back half.

In fact, I fully expect a huge information dump next volume. That’ll bring us to the conclusion of the training arc, probably in volume nine, and then we will focus on Fumi’s development into the True Queen and then the final assault against the Bug Handlers. That’s just my prediction of how the story could end up going. Then again, there could be even more twists and turns along the way that pulls us in an entirely new direction. We’ll have to wait and see.

Nevertheless, for a volume that teased us with a lot of information that, really, didn’t end up saying much, they sure laid the groundwork for some amazing volumes to come!

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