PUBG Mobile Gets Replaced In China With A Friendly Alternative Called Game For Peace

Looks like the status of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile or better known as PUBG Mobile, has taken turn for the worse.

In a recent move, the Chinese Tencent Holdings has pulled the mobile version of PUBG from China and replaced it with another title called Game For Peace. All stemming from the fact the Chinese government was unable to monetize the game in China. Being a mobile game, and not being able to monetize didn’t fit well with the Chinese government with not able to do so. All the more reason to remove PUBG Mobile and replace it with something that could bring in the money.

Still, this move wasn’t received well by fans of the title. Many of which took to the internet to voice their displeasure of the unannounced change. Users weren’t even aware of the change until they fired up their copy of PUBG Mobile, and were informed that the game was currently offline. Sometime afterward, the game was updated to the friendlier title. Even their progress from PUBG Mobile has been migrated over to its replacement. Game For Peace is very similar, despite what Tencent is claiming. At first glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this wasn’t PUBG. The models, the environments, sounds and even gameplay are identical.

Hell, even the font is using the same coloring and logo.

The only main difference is when you kill someone. Except you kill them, and instead you are treated to an animation where the player waves to you and provides you with their loot. I’m not making this stuff up. Oh, and the blood splatter has been replaced with a bright green effect.

You can see Game For Peace in action for yourself.

Honestly, I can’t believe that Tencent would do this, yet at the same time, it doesn’t surprise me. If you can’t make money off a mobile game which is in itself the reason most mobile games are out there. Then something needed to be done. Except, in this case, it was to completely replace a popular title with a complete rip-off and expecting everyone to be ok with this.

At least it will make some money on in-game items now. Right?

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