Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters Revealed As Next DeNA Project

Over the last few years, Nintendo has been working on what’s been called the “mobile initiative”, where Nintendo is taking its IPs and putting them into official mobile games. First came Pokemon Go by Niantic, then via their partner DeNA came Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and the upcoming Mario Kart Tour and Dr. Mario games. Now, during a press conference, the Pokemon Company officially revealed that DeNA will be making a Pokemon RPG-like title for phones called Pokemon Masters.

Pokemon Masters will bring together every major trainer from the past Pokemon RPGs. From Kanto to Alola, as well as give you your own character to be. Characters shown include Brock, Misty, Cynthia, Lance, and more.

Battles appear to be in the style of a 3v3 contest, but aside from that, details weren’t given. We’ll be getting more details though in June when a bigger announcement will be given.