Nvidia is teasing something super

Nvidia Is Teasing Something Super And We Haven’t A Clue To What It Is

Over on Nvidia’s YouTube page, they released a video for something that is supposedly Super and it’s coming soon. It’s a 16-second teaser, with the word super eventually being shown at the end of the video. But after watching the video a number of times, I’ve yet to understand or figure out what exactly this thing is.

However, what is interesting is that what this is, there’s no Nvidia branding on it at all. Which if you’ve seen every video that features Nvidia tech, the logo or branding is in there somewhere. So this one is odd indeed.

But whatever could it be? To be honest, I have some suspicions. I know what it better not be and that’s a refresh of the RTX line-up. Nvidia isn’t faring so good right now over the RTX series. Announcing another card or a changeup so soon won’t make matters any better. So, let’s get to what I think it could be.

First thought? A phone. Why not? Other companies have created a gaming phone and this would be perfect for Nvidia to jump in. Especially since how Razer has already released two different gaming phones over the past few years. The video also looks like the back of a phone. My second guess? Memory, Nvidia’s own branded memory. Because again, why the heck not. You can totally buy some overpriced Nvidia memory that is called Super because it can be overclocked to hell and back.  My last guess is their own gaming monitor. Sure, they license the tech for other companies to incorporate G-Sync, but why not build their own? Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Other thoughts are a new Nvidia Shield, or even the rumored upgrade to the Nintendo Switch.

Ultimately, we don’t have any ETA on when Nvidia will reveal whatever this is. However, E3 is right around the corner and you have to wonder if this is when they’ll drop the news. I’ll be watching, I’m sure you will as well.