Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch To Be Home “New Ideas And Experiences”?

Say what you will about Nintendo, they love being different and bringing that desire to be different to their systems. Which is why the Nintendo Switch is such a big success. Between its unique portable console style, and the large amount of games on it both 1st party, 3rd party, and indie, there’s a lot to love. And over 32 million+ people would agree with that.

However, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa noted in a Q&A that the Nintendo Switch won’t just relax now that it is a success. it must keep being new, being fresh, and bring more new ideas and experiences to bear:

The software lineup for Nintendo Switch at launch consisted largely of Nintendo series titles, and the hardware installed base grew because many consumers purchase these kinds of games. As the hardware moves through its second and third year after launch, more and more titles from a variety of other software publishers have become available, but I believe Nintendo also needs to offer new ideas to attract the consumers we havenʼt been able to appeal to yet. In order to convince those consumers who did not choose to get Nintendo Switch over these past two years to purchase Nintendo Switch, I think we need to offer even newer kinds of gaming experiences.

He would go on and say:

“As Nintendo Switch enters its third year since launch, I understand that some people might worry the hardware is going to peak out. But looking at the momentum of Nintendo Switch since the start of the year, that is absolutely not the case, and we made our financial projections based on the expectation that sales of both hardware and software will continue to grow. I would like it if our financial results outperform the forecast by selling even more hardware and software.”

He seems confident, and with E3 2019 drawing ever closer, it’s possible that we’ll get a glimpse of those new experiences.