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Metro Exodus’ First DLC Arrives This Summer, Introduces A New Character And A Flamethrower

When 4A Games and Deep Silver started teasing Metro Exodus, it was mentioned that the game would eventually receive some DLC, in some form. What we didn’t know is that the DLC is actually a continuation of the story, it just doesn’t feature the main character. For obvious reasons, of course.

Coming this Summer is the first of the two planned DLC story expansions. The first will tell the story of Colonel Khlebnikov. Stuck below the surface, Khlebnikov is trying to make his way back to his son and in time for the New Year.I’m guessing things won’t go well for him, with all the mutants hanging about. One year later, Colonel Miller will follow in his footsteps, but he’ll be armed for the deadly flame thrower.

YES! I wanted a flamethrower and now we’re getting one! Those mutants better watch out now.

The second DLC, which won’t be released until early 2020, will tell the story of Sam. For those who planned Metro, you know Sam as being the only American in the game. Of which he stated on many occasions throughout the series, as well as who much he missed home. Well, now we’ll be able to see what happens to Sam now that the events of Metro Exodus are over and he attempts to get back to the USA.

Both DLC will be available via an expansion pass that is priced at $24.99 and you can pre-purchase it now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Or you can pick them up separately when they’re released, no word on how much they’ll be yet. For those who own Metro Exodus on Steam, you’ll also be able to pre-purchase the DLC.

I can’t wait! I loved the hell out of Metro Exodus, though the ending made me quite sad. Here’s to hoping the DLC’s can change all that.  Oh, we also reviewed the game and you can check out the review here.

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