‘Legion’ Season 3 Teaser Arrives and Yes, it’s Still Super Trippy

One of the defining characteristics of the show Legion, other than being Fox’s most successful Marvel show, is that it is, in the official terminology, “balls to the wall crazy.” From stark visuals, a bright color palette, and some pretty erratic acting, it can feel like this show is a little unapproachable. Might you might want to sit down and take it all in, as Season 3 is fast approaching, and it’s set to be the last:

David Haller is back, and it looks like he’s gathered a group of followers who believe in his powers. He’s even appeared to recruited a time-manipulator in order to protect himself. Syd is looking to take him down before he destroys the world, which he very well could with his Omega-level powers. Lenny…well Lenny seems to be stuck in an “Alice in Wonderland” theme that only hints at how insane this ending will be. We also get a very quick glimpse at Harry Lloyd as Professor X, David’s father, and his use of the mutant-finding machine Cerebro. 

As mentioned above, this will be the last season of Legion. How they are going to tie off the show goes beyond me, but given the typical endings have been spectacles. One has to wonder if Fox is looking to end the series before the Disney merger takes over, and many of the X-Men characters are moved over. I don’t think Disney would take kindly to the intense, mind-bending visuals and plots that Legion prides itself in, so better it ends with a bang than with a whimper.

Legion Season 3 is set to premiere on FX on June 24, 2019.