You prepared for war, and now, the war is truly coming. John Wick 3 was the No.1 movie at the box office this past weekend, getting nearly $60 million dollars during its opening salvo. A personal best for the franchise, and for an R-rated action movie, that’s a pretty good haul. But of course, the ending of the film teased John Wick 4, and fans eagerly awaited the confirmation of it happening. They got it.

Multiple sources have confirmed that John Wick 4 will release on May 21st, 2021. That’s right, you have to wait 2 years for the next film, sorry. But given the wait for John Wick 3, you know they’ll take their time and make it as epic as possible.

Some lucky fans were some of the first to get the news. As John Wick 3 had a special text event going on where members would get a “head start” before the movie launched. But today, they got a message saying, “You Have Served. You Will Be Of Service. John Wick: Chapter 4 is Coming – May 21st, 2021”.

Obviously, no subtitle has been given for it just yet, as the movie likely hasn’t even been teased out storywise outside of the overall plot in regards to the ending of John Wick 3.

If you haven’t read our review of John Wick 3, you should do so! We highly recommend this film. And of course, let us know if you’re excited for John Wick 4!

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