Jessica Jones Season 3

Jessica Jones Season 3 Arrives On June 14th, Teaser Released

When the Marvel/Netflix collaborations began, many were interested to see the takes on the ‘street level’ heroes. Especially Jessica Jones, played by Krysten Ritter. Sure enough, the unapologetic series didn’t play by the rules, showed the power of PTSD on its victims, and wove an interesting narrative for two season. Now, Jessica Jones Season 3 is the last one standing, and it final season has finally gotten a release date.

As revealed by Marvel and Netlix on Twitter, Jessica Jones Season 3 will debut on the service on June 14th. And with it, comes one last psycho for her to take on. One who is apparently none too happy with who Jessica is. Labeling her as a “fraud” for some reason or another. You can watch the teaser below.