Crunchyroll announced today that they will be adding Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi’s Dr. STONE to their summer streaming lineup! The anime will simulcast worldwide (sans Asia) on Crunchyroll. The series picks up thousands of years after a cataclysmic event petrifies the world’s population. Following two main characters who free themselves from stone, Senku Ishigami and Taiju Ōki, “Dr. STONE” is a story of science versus might in the quest to rebuild civilization.

Crunchyroll announced some of the voice cast for Dr. STONE which includes the following:

  • Yūsuke Kobayashi (Subaru Natsuki in “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World”)) as Senku Ishigami
  • Makoto Furukawa (Saitama in “One Punch Man”) as Taiju Ōki
  • Kana Ichinose (Ichigo in “DARLING in the FRANXX”) as Yuzuriha Ogawa
  • Yuuichi Nakamura (Bruno Bucciarati in ”JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind”) as Tsukasa Shishiou.

The manga has sold 1.9 million copies worldwide since July 2017. Currently, VIZ Media holds the license to publish the manga here in North America. TMS Studios will be the ones responsible for producing the anime adaptation.


A trailer for the anime has been released which you can view below:




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