New Gods movie

Comic Writer Tom King To Co-Write New Gods Movie

While it’s true that the DC Comics isn’t as cohesive as Warner Bros wanted it to be, that doesn’t mean that it’s a failure. After the success of Shazam! and Aquaman (and the general critical praise of both), many are looking forward to the next films in the line-up. Including Joker (coming this November), Birds of Prey (coming next February), and Wonder Woman 1984 (coming next June). And there are others planned to release, and some in the works now. Today, we got a big update on the New Gods movie.

For those who don’t recall, this movie was announced some time back, and Ava DuVernay (director of A Wrinkle In Time among others) has announced that legendary comic writer Tom King is going to co-write the New Gods movie with her.

This is a big deal for multiple reasons. One, Tom King is one of the most respected writers in DC Comics and Marvel history. He wrote the beloved Vision series, is the current writer of Batman, just finished up Heroes in Crisis, and of course, he wrote the award-winning Mister Miracle series. Mister Miracle, of course, being one of the New Gods.

Now, obviously, this doesn’t mean it’s getting the fast-track at Warner Bros, but it’s a big start to making this film happen. And it would continue the trend of DC/WB deciding to focus on character stories rather than a cohesive universe. We’ll just have to see what happens.