TheMissingLink5 and his brother Robbie-02

A Brother’s Love Made It Possible For Dying Fan To Play Total War: Three Kingdoms Early

While it seems that we’re hearing something horrible coming from the gaming industry and community on a daily basis. It’s few and far between that we hear of something that is full of goodness and humanity, that when we do hear of it, it just makes you want to cry. I happened to come across such an act and I felt that this needed to be shared. Be forewarned, this will tug on your heartstrings.

I’m summarizing here, but please, read the entire Reddit thread here.

Reddit user, TheMissingLink5, managed to fulfill his younger brother’s dying wish. His brother, Robbie, was diagnosed with Leukemia last year. Robbie battle through it and was on the mend, with a scheduled bone marrow transfusion coming up. However, things took a turn for the worse as the cancer progressed and the doctor’s feared that the younger brother didn’t have long. Definitely not the news that anyone would want to hear.

TheMissingLink5 and his brother Robbie-02

Robbie, as it turns out was also a huge gamer and he was awaiting the release of Total War: 3 Kingdoms. Which doesn’t release until May 24, 2019. Realizing that Robbie might not make it until the release date, TheMissingLink5 reached out to several influencers and social media to try and get a message to Creative Assembly.

It worked, as the developer did in fact reply back and was able to grant a dying wish. Thanks to another Reddit user, DogbertCA, who happens to work for Creative Assembly, a key for the game was provided.

OMG, u/DogbertCA on here and Grace on twitter have made one kid extremely happy. When I told him the good news, he cried, and couldn’t believe this was happening. When I told him who sent it, he was so shocked. I then immediately got kicked out of the room to go home and download it since the internet at the hospital sucks. I should be back there in a hour and he cant wait to play!

Mission Completed! Robbie was able to get to check out the upcoming game.  I can only imagine how much joy this gave him and I hope it eased his pain, even for a little bit. Sadly, Robbie did past away this past weekend, I’m sorry to report.

Yes, it’s a sad tale but what shocked me as I read the post was the amount of kindness that poured in. In a time where we’re seeing and hearing about nothing but drama. Complete chaos and hatred toward our fellow humans, it’s nice to see that we are also capable of coming together when the chips are down. I really don’t know what to say, but I will admit while reading the event unfold, I cried. Tears of happiness and yes, of sadness. Deep down I was hoping Robbie would pull through.

I’ve had a family member pass away due to cancer and I remember the pain they went through. What TheMissingLink5 did was nothing short of amazing and a final act of kindness for his brother. I salute you, sir. I can only imagine the torment you were going through. You accomplished something that you nor anyone else who was involved will ever forget.

Also, Fuck Cancer!