X-Men Dark Phoenix

X-Men Dark Phoenix Gets Final Trailer

X-Men Dark Phoenix may just be the final X-Men movie under the current franchise banner (New Mutants is still up in the air), as many are saying that since the MCU now has the X-Men again, that everyone will be recast.

But until then, Dark Phoenix is coming, and the final trailer for the film has dropped. This time around, the focus is solely on Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey as she becomes the Phoenix and starts to go on a rampage. This rampage includes lots of destruction, and attacks on Mystique (who we know will die in this film), Magneto (who honestly has it coming) and even Cyclops (which is a mimic of Last Stand…but hopefully not with the same results!)

They also continue to hype up Jessica Chastain’s character, who we still don’t know much about. But, we do know that X-Men Dark Phoenix will arrive on June 7th.