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Tokyo Ghoul:re Vol. 10 Review

Title: Tokyo Ghoul:re Vol. 10
Author: Sui Ishida
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 232
Genre: Fantasy, Battle
Publication Date: April 16, 2019

The Story

Tokyo Ghoul:re Volume ten brings with it a bit of a transitional period, some development and another action-packed battle. First, we start off with Kaneki gathering the remnants of Aoigiri Tree, some ex-CCG Doves, members of the Suits, and some of his closest friends. There, as the One-Eyed King, Kaneki gives a speech about uniting the ghouls and humans through discussion but they will do it by force if need be. He declares this new faction as GOAT.

Meanwhile, Furuta is making moves. He obtained a written recommendation to become the new head of the CCG, something that is up for debate with the acting chief. Furuta, who is also a member of The Clowns, offers a deal to Kaneki which he will accept blame for the Cochlea breakout/attack. If he’s painted as the greatest threat, then it would cause the CCG to band together with humans to defeat him, thus beginning the process of the world that Kaneki wants. Kaneki will agree to it on the condition that Furuta will not be in charge of the CCG in the aftermath. That stipulation breaks the deal.

Meanwhile, the CCG are discussing the aftermath of everything along with the recommendation for Furuta to take over. As this happens, the CCG’s headquarters end up coming under attack. It is revealed that this is by virtue of The Clowns with Donato leading the charge. GOAT ends up joining the battle and another three-way war ends up closing out the back half of the manga. The volume concludes with the appearance of Amon.

A great mixture of story and character development in this volume! Still, even with the deaths of so many characters over the series, the cast is obsessively large, still, and I still had a hard time following everything.


Kaneki’s acceptance as the One-Eyed King and the formation of GOAT was a pretty big development point for him. His ideals haven’t swayed from the very beginning but now he sees things in a much different light than he did at the start of the series. It makes you wonder just how far Kaneki is going to go in order to get his ideal world.

Furuta took the big brunt of the development here. His scheming to become the next head of the CCG by killing the former leader, pinning it on Kaneki, and being the one who perpetrated everything from the beginning of the series (you’ll find out why once you read the volume) makes him the main antagonist of the series. To think he orchestrated everything all while remaining in the shadows as a member of Kijima’s group is pretty clever. For a character that seemingly came out of nowhere, he took a deep stock within the series in a hurry. He’s crafty, cunning, and just a bit out of control… all the makings of a great main villain. The fact that the Clowns are attacking the CCG and he’s also a member of them clearly shows that Furuta is manipulating the squads to create a smokescreen for himself. With GOAT’s involvement in the battle, it could throw a monkey wrench into his plans… that is if it wasn’t something that Furuta counted on. I’m really enjoying him a the main villain so far. Makes me want to see where everything goes.

Naki and the Suits end up getting some development as they reconcile their differences with Kankei over the killing of Jason. In the 13th ward, only the strong remain on top. Kaneki battles Naki and bests him which, according to The Suits honor, makes Kaneki their new leader and The Suits an official part of GOAT!

We also get some more backstory on Kano when it comes to Akira Mado. I know… weird connection but after the Cochlea attack, Mado was injured and she’s running a fever. Nico of The Clowns tracks down GOAT but says that Kano can help her. They flat out refuse and then he recommends one other doctor… someone who worked alongside Kano in the early days: a doctor named Ogura. Ogura and Kano now operate separately and he has agreed to take a look at Mado in order to heal her.

Final Thoughts

This volume wasted no time getting back to the action. We had a small cooldown period in which we got some great story development and then we see Furuta put his plan into action which, once again, created another big-scale battle. There are some X factors in the CCG though as not everyone suspects Kaneki as the ringleader behind the Cochlea attack. The CCG have him painted that way but there are some doubters and Urie is actually one of them. Suzuya, on the other hand, will still fight Kaneki despite how much of a friend he has been to him so we’ve got some potentially huge battles here.

Right now, Donato of The Clowns is at the center of the battle’s attention and the action there has been revealing and thrilling thus far. Amon’s appearance is sure to make a huge impact as well and I can’t wait to see this battle conclude in the next volume. With only six volumes left, we’re getting closer and closer to the end. Everything his heading towards a major showdown between Kaneki and Futura to put an end to all things once and for all but it’s going to be the journey to that battle over the next few volumes that will prove to be the most interesting!

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