PolyMega retro console

The Polymega Emulating PlayStation and Sega Saturn Games At 60FPS Is A Thing Of Beauty

I’ve talked about the upcoming Polymega retro machine that’s set to be released later this year. I know many of you are likely tried me talking about it, but I’m really looking forward to it. So I’m going to keep talking about it. Speaking of which, the team just dropped a new video of the Polymega in action. This time they’re showing us the emulation for the PlayStation 1 and Sega Saturn. 

Games such as Dead or Alive, Ehrgeiz, Wipeout, and Virtua Fighter 2! All running at a higher resolution and 60FPS. It’s really nice to see it in action, as we also get to see the interface for the console. Which is looking really slick If I say so. 

I’m also hearing rumors that pre-orders might be opening back up for the Polymega. Which is great for those (like me) who missed the first round of pre-orders. This will start this May 2019, so be sure to watch for that. Though at $250 per system, it’s definitely pricey, especially for those who aren’t really committed to playing games from the past.

The PolyMega is the only retro console that will let you play both CD and cartridges.  This is all due to the modular design of the system and the software-based emulation. It will also let you rip games right from your cart/CDs. That way you won’t need to scramble to find when you want to play your games. Should you not already have those games, you’ll be able to download from the PolyMega store. Which cartridge games starting at  $3.99, and CD games starting at $5.99.

polymega machine-01

If you’re a serious retro gaming fan/collector and you just happen to be sitting on a huge collection of CDs and carts, then you might want to give the Polymega a look. 

For videos of the system in action, check out their YouTube page here.