Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS Will Get No More 1st Party Titles

The Nintendo 3DS had the very hard job of following up the massively successful Nintendo DS. But despite it not reach that level of sales success, it’s very hard to deny that the 3DS has had a very successful run of things, and proved once again that Nintendo is the king of handhelds. However, despite that good run, it now seems like things are finally coming to an end for it.

During the recent financial briefing for the first-quarter of 2019, Nintendo announced that they would no longer be making 1st party content for the Nintendo 3DS. Thus ending its major support of the handheld. That being said, there is still 3rd party content coming to the system.

In the eyes of many fans, this is long overdue, mainly because the 3DS hasn’t had significant games on it since 2017 with the arrival of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. The games that have come from Nintendo since then were mainly ports of games like Luigi’s Mansion and Mario & Luigi RPG titles. No “major” games came out, in the 18 months, and fans noticed it.

Plus, with the massively popular Nintendo Switch now being at 35 million units sold worldwide (in just two years), and it actively being a console AND a handheld gaming device, there was honestly no need to continue supporting the 3DS despite its sales numbers.

Still, it had a great run, and it will be remembered fondly for its games, its daring to be different, and more. What was your favorite Nintendo 3DS title? Let us know in the comments below!