Capcom Home Arcade Stick

The Capcom Home Arcade Has Officially Been Announced, Releasing October 2019 and Includes 16 Titles

Updated: Capcom is indeed releasing an arcade stick mini-console. Coming on October, 25th, 2019, they will release the Capcom Home Arcade. This will include 16 classic Capcom titles, including a few that I was hoping would make the cut. 

Capcom Home Arcade games

The arcade stick, however, leaves a lot to be desired. I’ll leave it with that. I’m not sure why it was decided to make it look like the Capcom logo, where a plain arcade stick look would have been just fine. The Capcom Home Arcade will include an HDMI output, Wi-Fi and a micro USB port. I feel like not including USB Type C was a mistake, just let micro USB die already.

Emulation duties will be carried out using the Final Burn Alpha emulator, which has widely been used for Arcade/Mame emulation. Specifically for Capcom CPS 1/2/3 and other popular arcade systems. The stick will also use a Sanwa 8-way gated joystick and OBSF buttons. Meaning it will come with some really good input devices, but can be modified as well down the road.  An HDMI output, Wi-Fi and a micro USB port are also included. I feel like not including USB Type C was a mistake, just let micro USB die already. And I’d much rather have a wired ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi, but I get the need for convenience.

Capcom Home Arcade Stick


The system is available for pre-order but only on the European Capcom store and priced at 229.99 €. There hasn’t actually been any mention of this making its way West, but I’d imagine it will.  Still, I’d much rather have a port of these games to the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, over this. Don’t get me wrong, the controller is a nice gesture, but it’s niche. And at that price, you have to wonder if this is really going to sale.


Original story below:

Earlier today, the UK Capcom Twitter account dropped some news about an announcement that is taking place tomorrow. It reads “Tune in for a special announcement tomorrow”, along with a short video. This video not only showed off several of Capcom’s past arcade hits, but it also showed them off being reflected by what appears to be an arcade stick.

Interested yet?

Several familiar names were shown in the video; Street Fighter II, Dark Stalkers. Two games that most of you are familiar with. They’ve also seen multiple home version ports. However, the other games that were shown, Gigawing (which did see a PS2 port), while the obscure SHMUP Progear,  and beat em up title Aliens vs. Predator have never made an appearance outside the arcades. Which may all be changing soon.

At first thought, it would seem that Capcom was getting ready to release yet another arcade collection title. Now it seems that this is going to be something completely different as NintendoLife is reporting that this isn’t a game collection at all. Instead, Capcom is looking to release its retro gaming console. Complete with a replica two-player arcade stick bundled which these titles and possibly a few others. I really hope this is true, and if it is, then signs me up.

While they’re at it, hopefully, Capcom is tossing in a few of their CPS 1/2 games. You know, games like X-Men vs Street Fighter, Forgotten Worlds (re-released on the Sega Genesis), Power Stone, Battle Circuit, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and or even Armored Warriors (predecessor to Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness).

This announcement is set to take place tomorrow on April 16, 2019, at 3 PM, UK time /10 AM EDT. We’ll update the story once we know more.

What is Capcom announcing tomorrow?