witchfire screenshot-01

The Astronauts Shows Off A Short But Sweet Clip Of Witchfire In Action

It’s been over a year a few months since The Astronauts announced their upcoming project, Witchfire, during The Game Awards 2017. For those that don’t remember the game, it’s the first person shooter that resembles the old school FPS titles, Hexen and Heretic. While having a very Dark Souls vibe to it. I was pretty excited about the announcement.

Since then, the studio has been super quiet. Nothing on the development of the game, no updates, notta. However, today of all days, The Astronauts released a super short clip of the game in action. When I say super short, I mean it as it comes in at 12 seconds. Still, beggars can’t be choosers. Check out that clip below, but don’t blink.

Despite its shortness, the clip does show a nice bit of content. In addition to weapons, the protagonist can also unleash some sort of magic abilities. Here we see them toss out some fireballs, and in another instance perform a move that staggers an enemy. There’s also a moment where a melee attack performed by a sword or some blade is used. The ability to run and jump is in the game, as is the ability to slide during combat. Lastly, we get to see the very nicely detailed enemies in action, as well as seeing them melt away after suffering a headshot. 

The graphics are also looking pretty nice as well. 

Yep, I’m still impressed with the title. Sadly, there’s no ETA on a release date. And until The Astronauts decides to speak up about the game. We’ll likely be waiting for quite some time. I doubt we’ll see this until at least late 2020. Still, if they can deliver an immersive singleplayer campaign that grips me and doesn’t let go until the credits roll. Then I’ll be perfectly fine to wait.