Nintendo's online service for the Nintendo Switch

Subscriber Numbers for PlayStation Now and Switch Online Released

PlayStation Now is still alive and kicking. While numbers are up for the service, they’re still fairly low in comparison to PSN+ subscribers. Currently, PlayStation Now has 700,000 subscribers. Still, Sony considers this a milestone since the service’s launch back in 2014. In those 5 years, PlayStation Now has grown to include 750 PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 games and is available in 19 total countries.

On the flip side, Nintendo is seeing amazing numbers with their Switch Online service. Since the service’s launch in September 2018, Nintendo reported that there are 9.8 million subscribers! These numbers also include family memberships but excludes accounts that are currently flagged as a free trial. Nintendo also went on to state that Tetris 99 has been played by 2.8 million of Switch Online’s users.

Both of these figures were presented by the respective company’s earning’s calls/reports.

Source: Gamasutra