Steins;Gate, which released in 2009 as a visual novel for the Xbox 360 in Japan, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary on October 15 later this year. The announcement was made on Animate Time’s official Twitter account. The tweet you can see below:

An official website launched for the 10th anniversary which gives us a whole lot of teasing and very little in the way of information. We do know that there are 10 projects planned for the anniversary but each and every one is labeled as “Coming Soon.” 


Steins;Gate is not only a visual novel but also received a television anime adaptation back in 2011 from studio White Fox. Recently, the visual novel was re-released as Steins;Gate Elite which replaced a lot of the content with scenes from the anime adaptation. A sequel of sorts, Steins;Gate 0 was also released as a visual novel which told a branching path that tied directly into the main story. That visual novel also received a television anime adaptation.

While we don’t know what projects are in store, we can only sit and gawk at the official website for now which is located here:

El Psy Kongroo!



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