Hello World

New Anime Film Hello World Revealed

It was unveiled by its official website that a new anime film called Hello World will be coming to Japan on September 20. The film is being directed by Tomohiko Ito who is the director for Sword Art Online and ERASED. The studio behind the film will be Graphinica. The website unveiled a promotional video and some of the cast. You can view the video below:

Not much is known about the details of the film outside of the fact that it was described as a time travel story set in the year 2027 in Kyoto, Japan. 

The cast of the film so far includes Minami Hamabe (Ruri Ichigyou), Takumi Kitamura (Naomi Katagaki), and Tori Matsuzaka (Naomi Katagaki – 10 years older).

You can check out the official website for Hello World here: https://hello-world-movie.com/index.html