Krypton was a surprisingly good show when it debuted last year. And now, Krypton Season 2 is coming to amp things up to 11. The first trailer teased what was coming, but now, the official trailer has arrived, and as they say, “It’s a bad day to be a hero”.

The trailer confirms that there is a time jump, six months have passed since the season finale, and Zod (THE Zod) has taken control and made Krypton something more in his image. They’re about to begin a galactic conquest. But, there is now a resistance, and Seg-El is still trapped with Brainiac in the Phantom Zone. And Adam Strange is out there trying to fix everything.

This season is promising a civil war of sorts, as well as the arrival of legendary Superman villains Doomsday (who was only teased last season) and Lobo. So this is going to be good.


Krypton Season 2 will arrive on SYFY on June 12th. You can check out the trailer below.

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