R-Type Final 2 is in production

Irem And Granzella Want To Make R-Type Final 2, The Follow-up To R-Type Final And They Need Our Help

Irem, the minds behind the immensely popular SHMUP, R-Type, have teamed up with Granzella and have announced a new R-Type title.  That game is R-Type Final 2, which looks to be the follow-up of R-Type Final that was released for the PlayStation 2 back during 2003 (not counting the ports). Only this time, it will be more ambitious and it will be crowdfunded affair.

We’re talking about the previous stages that will be completely rebuilt, more customizable elements, 16:9 / ultra-wide monitor support. I’m curious as to what game engine they’ll be using for this. Mentioned was that all of the ships from R-Rtype Final would also be returning. Which is a lot of ships, as R-Type Final featured over 100 of different variants, some original, others were customized. All of the ships were pulled from various other R-Type games. So far, the following ships have been announced;

  • R-9A ARROWHEAD (R-Type)
  • R-9D SHOOTING STAR (R-Type Final)
  • R-9W WISE MAN (R-Type Final)
  • R-13A CERBERUS (R-Type Delta)

There looks to be some sort of online scoreboard as well, nothing specific has been mentioned about this either.

There’s just one thing, this game looks to be completely crowdfunded. We don’t know the specifics yet, however, they did mention that the campaign will start this May 2019. We’ll be following when this campaign goes live, that’s or sure. I loved the R-Type series and another game being made sounds like heaven to me.

Normally, I’d be worried that Irem was licensing out their IP to another company. I mean, this is R-Type, one of the most grandiose SHMUPs of all time. However, Granzella is no stranger to the R-Type series. In fact, the company is compromised of former Irem members and they know the series quite well.

As far as what systems this is going to be released on, Irem and Granzella haven’t said. I figure the PlayStation 4 and PC is a safe bet, followed up with a Switch version. Either way, I’m just happy to know that we’re finally getting another game in the series.

Head on over to the official website to stay up to date.

R-Type Final 2 is in production