If You Think Sekiro Was Hard Before, Wait Until You Try These Mods

Ah Sekiro, Shadows Die Twice. That marvelous hack and slash adventure title from Fromsoftware, is not only amazing. But I hear that the game is also incredibility hard. Well, I didn’t think it was that hard. Still, if you thought it was hard, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Thanks to two recently released mods for the PC version, you can turn Sekiro into the ultimate death simulator.

As always, you’ll need to have the Sekiro Mod Engine installed to enable either of these mods.

The first mode is called One Hit Death and it sounds exactly what you think it does. Basically, anything in the game can one-shot you now. Those random foot soldiers, those annoying dogs, an arrow to the knew. Anything is death to Sekiro. And no, I’m not kidding you one bit. Be forewarned, I don’t recommend this mod to anyone but the hardest of the hardcore. I gave it a go and well, it’s definitely a unique experience.

You can download the One Hit Death mod over at

The second mod, the Sturdy Enemy mod, makes the game much harder by adding extra HP and posture meter to all of your enemies. Which in turn makes the battles that much harder and longer. Even successfully parrying multiple attacks won’t put a dent in most enemies. This goes double for the boss battles – which I tried with this mod and all I can say is “Damn”. This definitely makes encounters where parrying is key and makes those fights much longer. On the plus side, at least the bosses (or anything else) won’t be able to one-shot you.

The Sturdy Enemy Mod can also be downloaded from

Keep in mind that due to the current nature of installing mods for Sekiro, only one of these mods can be installed at the same time. Which I suppose is a blessing, as having both installed would be suicide… or a great adventure for others.

Good luck when installing either of these two mods! You’ll need it!