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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Gets New Dark “Aftermath” Teaser

Game of Thrones Season 8 is nearly here, and the anticipation is growing with every single day that gets closer to its release. But, the focus of the season is clear. It’s the battle for the Iron Throne, and the battle against the dead. And the latter will have a focal point at Winterfell.

The battle is said to be the longest continuous fight sequence in the history of cinema, no small feat. And it promises to bring all sorts of shocking moments throughout it. But a new trailer paints a haunting picture for what might happen.

In the aptly titled, “Aftermath” teaser trailer, we get a look at Winterfell after the battle with the White Walkers. And if you pay attention, you’ll see all sorts of key items belonging to key characters. Such as Tyrion’s “Hand of the Queen” pin, Jaime’s golden hand, Arya’s sword Needle, the feather that was on Lyara Starks statue in the crypts, a necklace, and of course, the big showstopper…Longclaw. 

You’ll notice though that no bodies are attached to these items, which would seem to indicate that everyone died, then were raised to life via the Night King. A haunting reminder that this is a possible fate for this battle. But will it be so? You’ll have to find out when Game of Thrones Season 8 returns on April 14th to HBO!