Title: Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Vol. 7
Author: Aya Megumu (Art), Hiro Ainana (Story), Shri (Character Art)
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Genre: Shonen, Fantasy
Publication Date: April 30, 2019

The Story

Volume seven of Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody continued to feel a bit on the slow side but we at least got some action to break up the monotony. Satou is learning how to mold clay and decided to use his new skills to produce potion vials. Conveniently, the next story plot required him to make some potions. The Witch of the Forest’s delivery to the Viceroy’s Aide was short as their carriage was attacked and 120 of the 300 potions in the order were destroyed. Satou made a deal with the Aide to replace the missing 180 potions by sunset; however, a fallen noble who they encounter back when they tried to take the ant cores from earlier in the series, was trying to orchestrate their failure. Satou used his trickery to dupe the fallen noble and deliver the potions but the Aide refused to sign the delivery papers.

Right before time expired, The Witch of the Forest returned from her errand with picking up the Count. He saw through his Aide’s plan and removed him from power immediately. The Count was grateful for Satou’s efforts and rewarded him with the permission to buy tomes and scrolls within his territory. Satou then learns about the Count’s newest order: potions to counteract Hydra poison. Satou then deciphers the pages he previously bought in the volume and learns that they are instructions on how to create Holy Swords. Just in time, too, because Satou encounters the Hydra that has been in question. Satou also writes a letter to Zera and it looks like we will have a reunion in the labyrinth city of Celivera but the Hydra stands in Satou’s way!

I’m glad a lot of the slice-of-life stuff is over. I loved it when this series mimicked an actual role-playing game with slaying monsters for their cores and going dungeon crawling. It quickly morphed into a much slower-paced story and it was losing the essence of what it had started off with. It looks as if it’s trying to bring back that magic with this upcoming Hydra battle. As for the overall story, it was just one point flowing into another and felt like a lot of filler content. While the potion-making arc did bring some drama which brought some life back into the story, there’s only so much more of “wander the town. Stock up on supplies. Learn some crafting skills. Repeat.” I can take before I fall asleep. Hopefully, we’ve seen the last of this formula that has plagued the last few volumes.


There wasn’t any character development at all outside of The Witch of the Forest and Satou becoming closer friends and Satou being held in high regard by Count Kohanou. Satou hadn’t changed and neither has any of the supporting characters. None of their stories advanced, none of their personalities changed. They’re still the same which makes me wonder if this is the apex of all of their development? It’s been several volumes since we’ve really gotten to know these characters. I just feel their development has come to an absolute standstill.

This would be acceptable if the story was moving forward but that really hasn’t been the case until now. I don’t count shopping for supplies and crafting as story advancement. Since we are teased with a reunion between Zera and Satou in Celivera, hopefully, the story will truly begin to move forward because this pacing has just been doing everything wrong.

Final Thoughts

I’m holding onto hope that next volume we get a big, glorious battle with the Hydra. I really hope it’s not a Satou one-shot-and-done moment as he exercises his tremendous power in private away from his group. I hope the group sticks to him like white on rice so that we can see a good drawn-out battle. This series is in desperate need for some action and while we got some here, what we got was very little. The reunion should happen to close out the volume but where does the series go from there? More slice-of-life stuff? Are the members of Satou’s harem going to wander the town and buy supplies while Satou and Zera have their moment in the spotlight? Is Zera just going to go around shopping with him or will she do something interesting and tell him of a terrible plight that plunges the group into a dramatic scenario filled with action and adventure?

God, I hope it’s the latter. I don’t really wish for doom and gloom much but we need some to help this series get back on track. I will say this volume does show promise that it will so we’ll see.

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