Crunchyroll Unveils the First Batch of Shows for the Spring Season

Crunchyroll announced today the first slate of new anime shows coming to their streaming service this spring! The following shows have been announced (all synopsis provided by Crunchyroll):

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

Our IDOL friends are back again today! Get a rare look at how IDOLS spend their days off, as well as their comical interactions with each other in this hyper-fun-filled short anime.

Air Date: April 2

Ace of Diamond Act II

Second-year Sawamura Eijun finally makes his first appearance at the spring invitational! He wants to restore Seido’s reputation as a first-rate team and make them national champions! The Seido baseball team’s new run is about to begin!

Air Date: April 2

Shounen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan IV

A comedy manga, “Shonen Ashibe,” that follows the friendship between baby spotted seal Goma-chan and first-grade student Ashiya Ashibe. First serialized in 1988 and adapted to anime in 1991, the adorable Goma-chan created a massive following and a spotted seal boom. This spring, Goma-chan returns to “Tentere Anime.” A cute, pleasant story of Ashibe and Goma-chan and their unusual school and their neighbors. Sometimes endearing, sometimes bizarre, it’s a fun anime for the whole family!

Air Date: April 2

Crunchyroll will be rolling out more announcements as we head towards the Spring anime season! Keep it tuned here to find out which of the new shows will be available on their streaming platform! To check out these shows for yourself as well as all of the other great content in their library, head to