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Check Out 40 Minutes of Dark Devotion Gameplay And A Few Boss Fights

If there’s one type of game type that I never get tired of, it’s definitely roguelikes. There’s just something about them that I adore and every time there’s a new one that gets released, I have to get my hands on it. This time around, I checked out the recently released title from Arcade Crew and Hibernian Workshop called Dark Devotion.

While the game is very similar to other roguelikes and some Metroidvania’s, the game does manage to do a few things to keep it fresh. Such as once you leave the game’s hub, you’re stuck out there in the world. That is until you either die or you use a certain item to get back. I’m also enjoying how the game handles the combat, which is a blast and the inventory system. The blessing/curse system is also really unique, as it changes up on every game and you’ll never know which you’ll get due to the random nature.

You’ll hear more about that once our review drops, but for now, how’s about some footage? We’ve captured 40-minutes of gameplay, as well as a handful of boss fights. This way you can get an understanding of how the game works and see it in action.

As for me, I’m really enjoying the short time I’ve had with the game. To say that I’m hooked, well that’s an understatement. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Dark Devotion from me soon.

Dark Devotion is currently available for the PC and will release on the PS4 and Switch later this year.