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What Exactly Should We Expect From Google’s GDC 2019 Reveal Tomorrow?

Tomorrow during the GDC 2019, Google is finally going to take the stage and show off whatever gaming venture they’ve been working on. But what exactly have they been working on and what can we expect?

We already know that Google has been testing the waters in regards to streaming games from the cloud. We’ve seen this with their beta of Project Stream, which I was able to partake in. Something of which I thought worked well for what it was. I thought there were some things missing and at times there were issues with input latency. However, we don’t know how far along the service was, since it was just a beta. Or what changes have been incorporated once Google looked through all of the feedback from that beta. Could we see this making an appearance during tomorrow’s announcement? Most definitely.

That’s not all we’ll see, as the rumored console, Project Yeti, may finally be revealed. I say maybe as Google hasn’t spoken about this much since it was announced. So we don’t know if we’ll see this or something entirely different. Either way, there’s definitely going to be some sort of hardware being shown off. Either a console/PC of some sort or even a controller. This is speculated due to Google putting on various gaming consoles on display at GDC 2019. Keith Andrew (formerly of Glixel) has reported on and snapped some pictures of Google having multiple gaming consoles in stands at GDC 2019. An original PlayStation, a Dreamcast, both have been seen. With likely others coming eventually, or just haven’t been seen yet. 

It would seem that if Google is treating this like some sort of hardware announcement. With their evolution of gaming display, or at least it seems like this to me.

I’ve long speculated that we would see some sort of console/PC hybrid, powered by Android. Similar to Nvidia’s Shield, with a bit more power under the hold. Of course, we can’t say for sure if this is even happening. Google has been super tight-lipped about anything. It’s really surprising why we haven’t heard anything by now. Especially with just one day to go. We’ve seen a fair share of Android-powered devices as well, including the ill-fated Ouya and the Nintendo Switch. Could this be the direction going is heading towards? Adding to this, I fully don’t expect Google to show off some sort of dongle. I think we’re well past this.

Of course, none of this really tells us what to expect. In fact, it just adds more questions. So let’s add one more. We already know that Capcom, Sega and Crystal Dynamics has been reported to be working on something for whatever it is that Google is working on. Are they working on new games or ports of existing games? While idSoftware and Ubisoft will also be present according to Google. What do they have to do with this announcement?

Speaking of the games, how would they be delivered? Are we talking about physical media? Or perhaps some sort of extension of the Google Play store. I don’t see Google going with any type of physical media and this is definitely going to be a digital-only device. It also makes some sense to use an existing Google Play store for distributing games. Why reinvite the wheel if you already have a platform for doing so already.

Like I said, more questions. 

As for whatever they have cooked, I’m excited. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a possible 4th player in the console gaming scene and Google definitely has the money and power to be a strong contender. However, it all depends on what they plan on showing tomorrow. As to what it is, you guess is as good as mine, I just don’t think it will be just a streaming service.

Be sure to catch Google’s keynote tomorrow, March 19, 2019, at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT.