Nintendo announced that they are going to be bringing Virtual Reality to the Switch via a brand-new Nintendo Labo kit. Nintendo describes the cardboard experience as “simple and shareable.” The new kit is poised to be available starting on April 12.

There will be a few packages that you can pick up:


Full Package: $79.99

  • 6 Toy Con Projects
  • VR goggles
  • Rocket Launcher Blaster
  • Camera
  • Bird
  • Wind Petal
  • Elephant

Starter Package: $39.99

  • VR goggles
  • Rocket Launcher Blaster

For those who opt for the Starter Package, the Camera/Elephant package and the Bird/Wind Chime package will be sold separately for $19.99 each. You can also experiment with your own creations through Nintendo’s Toy Con Garage software. While this won’t give people a full VR experience, it offers an affordable entry that is easy-to-use and intuitive for all ages.

Source: Polygon

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