Who Are You Gonna Vote For?

Now that the Stage One playoffs are in our rear view mirror we find ourselves a full quarter of the way through the Overwatch League season.  There’s plenty to be thinking about in the week we have off between the stages though.  There are not one but two undefeated teams from the regular season.  A new Hero is coming into the League.  There’s even whispers of a new meta.  Lots to think about indeed.  Today however the Overwatch League informs us it’s also time to start thinking about the All-Star Game.  

Fans will remember the All-Star Game from last season.  The fun event was similar in scope and form to all-star or pro events in traditional sports leagues.  Fans were allowed to vote for which players they wanted to see there by creating rosters for the Pacific and Atlantic Divisions made up of active players from those divisions.  The All-Star Game in 2018 took place during the summer lull between the Overwatch League Grand Finals and the start of Group Stages for the Overwatch World Cup 2018.  



The Details

This year the All-Star Game will be taking place in the middle of the season rather than in the post-season and that’s not all of the changes.  This will be a two day event running from Wednesday May 15th through Thursday May 16th at the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles in Burbank California.  Wednesday will feature, “a series of custom games pitting Atlantic and Pacific All-Stars against each other.” though what exactly the custom games will be is still unknown at this time.  Thursday is the main event however with the All-Star Game pitting the best from each division against each other.  Tickets are available now and will run you $20 each day before tax.  


How to Vote

Just like last year you’ll vote for the players you want to see by creating a starting roster for each division.  You’ll need a battle.net account to cast your vote and will only get to vote once.  The roster you create will need to follow the standard two tank, two support, two DPS format.  For a player to be eligible for the All-Star Game they need to have played at least ten maps (not full matches) in the regular season or have been a previous seasons All-Star and still active. 

Voting is open now and will run until April 28th, meaning you have just 33 days to decide who you want to represent each division.  The starting rosters for both the Atlantic and Pacific Divisions will be announced in early May.  The Overwatch League players, coaches, league staff, and casters will also select twelve reserves for each team who will be announced later in the month. 



It may be nearly two months away but I’m excited for the All-Star Game.  With the massive amount of talent that has come into the Overwatch League this season this is an All-Star Game that will truly showcase the best Overwatch talent in the world.  Time to get my Pacific Division jersey from last year out of the closet.  

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