Double Or Nothing All Elite Wrestling

The Road To Double Or Nothing Talks About Family Aspect Of AEW

All Elite Wrestling is trying to be a very different kind of wrestling brand, and as they build towards their first event, they’re giving a lot of access behind-the-scenes via the Youtube series “The Road To Double Or Nothing”. And in their latest episode, they focused on the family that they have and how that family is helping make AEW what it is.

For Cody Rhodes, he has his wife Brandi not only heading up the Women’s Division (which is continuing to grow), but is also the Chief Brand Officer. Then you have Dana Massey, who’s the wife of Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks, and she is the Chief Merchandise Officer, as she was the one who helped make the merchandise empire that is Young Bucks Merch.

There is a true love of family here, and they want to work together with their families to help ensure that everyone from the top down is happy with All Elite Wrestling. But, they know they can’t do it on their own, and so they’re bringing in veterans of the business and very smart people to help them with things like the budget.

Speaking of which, the only true “reveal’ for this Road To Double Or Nothing Episode is that another entrant for the Over Budget Battle Royale has been revealed in the form of Ace Romero. Or as they call him in the video, “Mr. Pounce.

The Road To Double Or Nothing

With less than three months to the first All Elite Wrestling event, things are heating up. And as the end of the video shows, Cody’s knee is getting better, and he’s starting ring work again. It’ll be good to see what gets unveiled next.

Double or Nothing arrives at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 25th, and tickets for the event are already sold out.