Welcome everyone to your March 2019 edition of The A-01 Podcast! It’s shows like this one that make us thankful that we’re not a weekly show because MY GOD was the news slow since the last episode! Fear not, though!  We managed to squeeze nearly 45 minutes out of absolutely nothing! Conveniently, the Spring Anime Season is coming up in about two or so weeks so that provided some content. The rest is just random ramblings about whatever we could find that seemed somewhat interesting. Still, this show ended up better than a Naruto filler!


Matthew Paul
J.J. Piedra
William Kok


  • Spring Anime Season
  • The bevy of anime sequels
  • The mixed reaction over J.C. Staff taking over One Punch Man
  • Kalafina breaking up
  • Pierre Taki used cocaine
  • Manga recommendations for the month

About The Author

Josh Piedra

Josh (or J.J. as some have come to call him), is a long-time geek culture enthusiast with a deep passion for anime, manga and Japanese culture. Josh also has a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and is a creative writer who has created original content for over 20 years! He is also the author of the original English light novel Final Hope.