Jack Jeanne

Sui Ishida Announces His Newest Work

Sui Ishida is the acclaimed manga author behind the Tokyo Ghoul series. Today, it was announced that Ishida will be collaborating with Broccoli on a project titled JACK JEANNE. A teaser website was launched along with a promotional video which you can see below:

Ishida stated that he had been working on this project for the past three years all while working on Tokyo Ghoul. While not much is known about the project, it was announced that it will hold an opening ceremony next month in April. Details about the project look to be revealed at that time. 

Bandai Namco will be participating in the project through their Happinet subsidiary company. Happinet also formed a business partnership with Broccoli in order to work on the project by providing capital and a business alliance. Their partnership has been in effect since November 2015. When the project is finished, it is slated to be released on both company’s various platforms.

A Tweet by the official account for JACK JEANNE also showed off six different coasters, each featuring a character illustrated by Sui Ishida

If you happen to be in SHIBUYA109 in Tokyo, head to the MAGNET store to pick up a free pin as they are there handing them out.

Source: Crunchyroll