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Spectator Mode Podcast Episode #6 – Just Some Guys Talking About Video Games

Welcome to another episode of the Spectator Podcast, the Outerhaven’s weekly podcast where we talk the latest news, topics and everything else that’s video games.

If you’re a normal regular here at The Outerhaven, then you know we’re super passionate about the gaming industry. Which is why we love recording this show, as we get to talk about what we love, what we don’t and everything else in-between. Games, games and did I mention, even more, games?

Oh, seems our resident Aussie had other things to take care of, so we picked up another guest. One of the newest additions to The Outerhaven, Diego Perez is joining us on this episode.

So, let’s see what’s on this week’s agenda, shall we?

  • Games that we’ve been playing or looking forward to playing
  • Borderlands 3 announcement
  • Keith’s really excited about Apple’s new gaming service, Apple Arcade
  • Valve’s got a new VR headset coming out and somehow we end up talking about VR
  • Recent EA Layoffs and the start of the industry. Are influencers the future?

You can find our latest podcast below.

Thanks for listening. If you’d like to come on the show as a guest or have topics you’d like for us to discuss, contact us here.

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