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Spectator Mode Podcast #4 – Chimera One Games Interview Special

Welcome to another episode of the Spectator Podcast, the Outerhaven’s weekly podcast where we talk the latest news, topics and everything else that’s video games.

If you’re a normal regular here at The Outerhaven, then you know we’re super passionate about the gaming industry. Which is why we love recording this show, as we get to talk about what we love, what we don’t and everything else in-between. Games, games and did I mention, even more, games?

So, let’s see what’s on this week’s agenda, shall we?

This week is a bit of a change as we invited Chimera One Games onto the show. Big anime fans, lovers of video games and currently working on their upcoming product, Bulletrage. A top-down shooter that pays homage to a few games of old, while adding some chaotic 4-player co-op action, and more. 

We go in-depth regarding what you can expect from Bulletrage, the upcoming Kickstarter and more. I won’t spoil it all, so you’ll just have to listen to the show. 

Speaking of Bulletrage, head on over to the official website, https://bulletrage.com, and find out more about the game.

A big shoutout to Chimera One Games, we enjoyed the show and you gentlemen are a class act.

You can find our latest podcast below.

Thanks for listening. If you’d like to come on the show as a guest or have topics you’d like for us to discuss, contact us here.

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