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Sony Denies They Were Looking To Acquire Take-Two Interactive

Earlier we reported that the rumor of Sony looking to acquire Take-Two Interactive turned out to be nothing more than that. A misquote that was taken way out of context, which is why we considered it a rumor. Well, Sony wants everyone to know that they never implied this in the first place.

In a quote given to Venture Beat, Sony denies that this was even an idea on the part of the company. A spokesperson from Sony had this to say on the matter;

we do not know where the rumor is coming from, but there is no such plan.

This was followed up by a Take-Two spokesperson who stated that the company “doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation”. It goes without saying if this was an actual deal, it seemed like Take-Two would be getting the short end of the stick. Being a strictly 1st party company. Losing out on millions, if not billions of revenue. As well as losing out on those sometimes attractive multiplatform deals. Yeah, it definitely seemed way too far-fetched to be true. Yet at the same time, had it actually been true, Sony would have fired one of the biggest shots against its rivals.

Thankfully it’s all over, thus ending the period of chaos where everyone was fearful of some of their favorite titles suddenly going 1st party. Fear not players of video games, your precious games are safe, for now anyway.

But seriously, is Nintendo still trying to buy up Capcom?  Does anyone know?