Superhero movie seasons is about to start this week with Captain Marvel from Marvel, and then, in just about a month, Shazam! will hit theaters. This movie has been a long time coming, and now, it’s almost here. And to go along with that, the movie has just released its second full trailer, which you can see below.

Ironically enough though, the film doesn’t show a lot of new footage. Rather, it expands on footage that has already been seen. Such as Billy Batson training to use his powers, going to the store to get beer and fight thugs, his first encounter with Dr. Sivana (played by Mark Strong) and more. This may seem odd, but it may just be a case of them wanting to show as little as possible so that a lot of the main movie doesn’t get spoiled, which has often been a factor in superhero movies as of late where they try and show as much footage as possible.

Response to the Shazam! trailer has been mostly positive so far, as viewers are liking the lighter tone. And given that Aquaman did $1 billion+ dollars at the global box office, there’s going to be some serious good will heading towards this movie as it reaches its April 5th release date.


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