How to beat the Lone Shadow Longswordsman boss encounter and score a free Deathblow

Sekiro is full of encounters where you’ll want to smash your controller in a fit of rage. We’ve all been there. That’s where we come in, with a bit of assistance. 

This time around we’re talking about taking down the boss known as Lone Shadow Longswordsman. And yes, that’s a very long name.

You’ll find this boss off the beaten path, near the Ashina Reservoir Sculptor’s Idol. To get to him, start from the idol and hang a left, crossing over the abyss. You’ll land behind a solider to your right and a drummer to the left. Head to the drummer and at the edge of the cliff will be another abyss you can swing over.


This video will show you exactly where to go.


Once you get there, you’ll see an NPC that you can interact with. Or don’t, it’s not required for this encounter. Next to the NPC is a pit, don’t jump into it. Instead, head up the path and you’ll see another pit with the enemy directly below you. If you time it right, you can get a deathblow on him and make the encounter much easier.

How to survive the encounter

Lons Shadow Longswordsman is fast, deadly and can easily kill you. You’ll want to avoid his special move which will be indicated by the red kanji symbol. Either dodge or jump to avoid. Having the Shinobi Firecracker or upgraded Shinobi Firecracker prosthetic weapon will make this encounter much easier. As it will stop him in his tracks. If you run out of this, the Fistful of Ash also works. Gokan’s Sugar will also help with posture damage and I advise you to use it.


Keep your distance and wait for an opening. Dodge his swinging attack and you’ll be able to score a few easy hits. Don’t be ashamed to run and heal. Trying to heal in front of him will guarantee he will hit you. Trust me, I’ve tried. Blocking and parry is the key to this fight, play defensively, to open him up.

Downing him will reward you with Scrap Magnetite, a Prayer Bead, and 96 sen.

Good Luck!

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