Re:ZERO – Chapter 3: Truth of Zero Vol. 6 Review

Title: Re:Zero, Chapter 3: Truth of Zero Vol. 6
Author: Tappei Nagatsuki (Story), Daichi Matsuse (Art)
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Genre: Shounen, Battle, Fantasy
Publication Date: March 26, 2019

The Story

Subaru’s plan is unveiled to Crusch. He wants to form an alliance with her in exchange for mining rights and information. The information that he has in on the White Whale. Crusch doesn’t sense any lies from him and decides to trust his information and accept his offer for an alliance. Wilhelm is most excited about getting the opportunity to take revenge on the White Whale for killing his wife several years ago. Crusch assembles a massive army and they head out to the Fluugel tree where Subaru encountered the whale before he was killed and sent back in time.

Right on time, the whale shows up and the battle begins. They hit it with everything they’ve got but it keeps coming back with a smile on its face. The whale’s eyes change color and it deploys the mist, the very same mist that makes people forget about the ones who disappear within in. Suddenly, just when the battle looks like its turning, two more whales join the fight and now they have to deal with three of them at the same time!


Very short story synopsis this time around as the volume was mainly taken up by action. In addition to the story of battling the white whale, we received some character development on Wilhelm Van Astrea!


Wilhelm has been waiting for this day to come for fourteen years. He was married the previous Sword Saint after defeating her in a duel. He made her give up the sword but the sword wouldn’t give up her. The White Whale took her life and Wilhelm swore to get revenge no matter how long it took. Fourteen years later, he was finally granted his opportunity. Despite this news, Wilhelm remained poised and dignified during the battle. He mixed that with a bit of fearless savagery as he took the fight to the whale, even though the damage he was doing wasn’t enough to bring it down. This volume really showed the true testament to Wilhelm as a character. His archetype is used often in stories and it’s one of my favorites. Wilhelm ranks up there as one of my personal favorites within this archetype!

Subaru was filled with a sense of warmth this volume… something that he hasn’t felt in this whole series. Sure, he has felt acceptance from people like Rem, Emilia, Ferris, and a couple of others, but he never really felt truly respected until now. He had person after person come up and personally thank him for the opportunity to strike back at the White Whale. So many people had been affected by it that anyone who could rally a force like that under a common cause would get praise. Subaru just happened to be that person. For all of the darkness that Subaru has walked through so far in this series, this was the kind of light that he needed in order to regain some of his confidence!

Final Thoughts

With this being an action-heavy volume, it went by super quick. The battle against the White Whale was very impressive and the fact that there are three of them complicates matters even more! The next volume of the manga should bring us really close to where the anime ended. According to Japan, the manga is still publishing over there so I’m hoping we’ll see the material of what lies beyond the anime. I have read a few excerpts into the light novels to see what happens and I know the anime stops RIGHT BEFORE a major little event happens. I would love to see that play out in the manga, just in case Re:Zero ends up not getting a second anime season. Given the fact that the manga is still publishing, I’d say that there is a very good chance we will see beyond the anime’s stopping point!


The battle should conclude in volume seven. We will know for sure then if we get some new material (for us anime-only watchers). With isekai series seemingly scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of ideas nowadays, Re:Zero continues to be a series that stands heads and shoulders above a group that is getting more and more crowded each and every year.

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