While PAX East 2019 has sadly come to a close, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep talking about the cool stuff that came out of the event. Speaking of cool stuff, during one of the panels Obsidian put showed off the most recent build for The Outer Worlds. Live and on stage for everyone to see and it was quite the experience.

While the game is still pretty rough, the demo gave us a look at the status of the game. More so, the developers enjoyed playing it for those at the panel and the crowd really ate it up. What stood out the most was the decisions that influence your gameplay. Similar to the Mass Effect series, decisions will influence your gameplay. You can be the good guy and try to talk things out and behave. Or you can play as devious as you want and enjoy all that goes along with that.

During the demo, the developers gave a look at several locations in the game, as well as getting into a number of battles. Letting us see how the combat system works, using both ranged and melee options. Also shown was the “Flaw” system, a bit part of the game. Flaws occur when you reach a certain threshold, such as being chewed on by a beast. Such as what happened to the dev playing the game. But what this does is if you get a flaw, which makes you afraid of something, you also get a perk alongside that. This is also all optional, meaning you don’t have to accept the flaw but it does put you into the roleplaying of the game.


This is definitely giving off some Bioshock vibes, that’s for sure. 

Check it out below.

The Outer Worlds is set to launch later this year on the Epic Games Store and Microsoft’s Window Store. It will also be available on Steam, but not until 2020 when the 1-year exclusivity deal with Obsidian ends.


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