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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 123 – Battle Of The Sticks

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is ready to break down all the latest news and reveals of the gaming world. And no sickness will hold them down!

First up, the team talk about their latest gaming ventures. From playing Tetris 99 (and failing to get 1st place most times), to Tyler continuing to play Smash Bros and the latest on Fire Emblem Heroes from Will and Todd, there’s a lot to discuss!

Then, in the news, PAX East is coming soon, and so is a prequel and sequel to Octopath Traveler! Yacht Club and Gearbox Software are teasing new titles, while Nintendo is showing off more on Yoshi’s Wooly World! Plus, new art and music from Fire Emblem Three Houses, and another possible fighter pass for Super Smash Bros Ultimate??

Finally, in the latest Settle It In Splat, Wizard and Knights are the next choices, so who will the guys choose? Find out here!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

Plus, vote in our poll question! Do you think that Smash Bros Ultimate will get another Fighter Pass?

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