Over the weekend, a new Gintama anime was teased; however, on Sunday that tease was confirmed during the Gintama Shirogane Matsuri 2019 event. As you can guess from the majority of new anime-related announcements, details were withheld when it came to story and release date. However, the official Gintama Twitter account did post a promotional video for the upcoming anime which you can view below:

In addition to the promotional video, a Key Visual was also released for the new anime:


From the key visual, we can decipher that this anime is slated to release in 2019. Gintama did confirm that the manga is, indeed, not over yet. We previously reported that the manga is continuing through its official phone/tablet app rather than in a printed magazine. Gintama is a series that has “ended” multiple times only to come back again and again. Given the nature of the show, fans should know by now to take any announcement of an end to this series with a grain of salt.

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