My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia Will Be Coming to Consoles Later Next Month

Team 17 has announced the release date for the simulation PC game My Time at Portia. It will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and Switch on April 16.

For those unfamiliar with the game, here is a little summary of it:

“Start a new life in the enchanting town of Portia! Restore your Pa’s neglected workshop to its former glory, grow crops, raise animals, befriend the towns quirky inhabitants and uncover the mysteries this charming post-apocalyptic land has forgotten!

Armed with your Pa’s workshop handbook and old workbench, you must gather, mine and craft your way to being crowned the number one workshop in the whole of Portia. Be prepared though…it won’t be easy!

The town of Portia is full of unique characters for you to get to know. They will go to school, do their jobs, workout, and have fun. They also have unique stories for the player to experience. The player will be able to get into relationships with other townsfolk; whether they are looking for friendships, romances or even marriage.

Each player is free to make their own mark on Portia and immerse themselves in a warm, welcoming little town full of experiences.”

The game is very interesting and it resembles Harvest Moon in a way where you also have a farm and you can start growing your own crops and you also have cows and other animals that you attend. Some of the differences are that you are able to date anyone in the game regardless of gender and you go to what looks like dungeons and fight monsters to obtain items to upgrade your workshop which is pretty cool. You have a lot of freedom in the game to be as creative as possible and so so much with the other townspeople.

If you pre-order the game you will receive a “housewarming set” which includes an exclusive outfit, some furniture, food and some money to get you started on your wonderful adventure

My Time at Portia will be arriving to consoles on April 16.