Microsoft Announces the Halo Insider Program

Microsoft announced a brand-new testing program called the Halo Inside Program. Microsoft says that this program is a new way for fans of the Halo series to work side-by-side 343 Industries to improve releases by beta testing them before launch. 

While users can sign up now to participate, it comes with the caveat that you MUST sign a confidentiality agreement. Afterward, you are asked a series of question in regards to your history with the Halo franchise and why you have an interest in it. This includes naming specific titles and game modes. You’ll also provide details so 343 Industries can determine if you are qualified to participate in testing periods for upcoming Halo titles. 

The Halo Insider Program is replacing the old MCC program that 343 previously used to test Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Members of the MCC program will NOT be grandfathered in and you will have to re-register if you wish to take part.

It should be noted that signing up does not guarantee you entry into the program. In addition, even if you are selected to take part in the program, you may not be called upon for a testing period. If you are accepted and are called upon but do not participate, it would mean that 343 Industries may not invite you back on future testing periods. It should be stressed that this does not constitute early access to unreleased titles. It is not a means for you to brag to your friends that you are playing the next Halo game before everyone else. This is actual developer/tester work and you are fully expected to be able to play the game, try to find creative ways to break it, and/or report any and all bugs discovered with ways to replicate it along with feedback on implemented features for improvement to the developers. 

The official Halo account on Twitter made the announcement which you see below

Source: Gamespot