VRV announced today that the magical talk show Live from WZRD is premiering on their streaming service today! 

The show is set at a California community college for wizards and will feature on-set segments with celebrity guests, mystical moments with characters from around the school, and behind the scenes magical mischief. 

“Some have long suspected that I possessed some dark power or belonged to some hidden fraternity. Welp, we’ve decided to let the cat out of the bag because we could use the press. I go to a wizarding school,” said host Open Mike Eagle. “ I host the campus public access television show. I admit it. Now go watch it before we change our minds.”


“I’m so excited for everyone to see ‘LIVE from WZRD.’ I’m a big fan of magic, and Open Mike Eagle, and when I found out I got to goof around on set with BOTH and a ton of our talented comedian friends, I died,” said host Dani Fernandez. “Please join me and my ghost in watching this show full of wizarding rejects.”

Special guests for the show include:

  • Yedoye Travis (Stand-up Comedian)
  • Brandon Rogers (Influencer)
  • Baron Vaughn (Stand-up Comedian)
  • Freddie Wong (Influencer)
  • ProZD (Influencer)
  • Rhea Butcher (Stand-up Comedian)
  • Mamrie Har (Influencer)
  • Grace Hellbig (Influencer)
  • Travis WIllingham (Critical Role)

In addition to celebrity interviews, “Live from WZRD” also features a recurring cast of wizarding characters, including:

  • LilyPichu (Influencer)
  • Jessica McKenna (Comedian – Comedy Bang Bang!, @Midnight)
  • Carl Tart (Comedian – Hashtaggers, Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy, Brooklyn 9 [Writer])
  • Michael Blaiklock (Comedian – Comedy Bang Bang!)

VRV describes Live from WZRD as follows:


LIVE FROM WZRD is a talk show hosted by Open Mike Eagle and Dani Fernandez.  Shot in the student-run TV studio at East Gatewood Wizarding Community College (a 2-year accredited wizarding school in La Crescenta, CA), LIVE FROM WZRD keeps students and faculty up-to-date while educating the real world on the day-to-day lives of actual wizards, breaking the old Hollywood myths about wizardry and getting real.

To check out the show, visit the following link: https://vrv.co/series/GR1XE9E2R/Live-from-WZRD

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