Krypton Season 2

Krypton Season 2 Gets Official Teaser Trailer

DC Comics definitely has the market cornered when it comes to expanding their TV universe. Just when you thought the Arrowverse was growing too much, they went to Syfy to tell an origin story for Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El. But hey, the first season was actually pretty good, and it showed why it can stand apart from the other shows while still honoring Superman’s legacy. And now, Krypton Season 2 looks to bring even more to the table.

The first teaser trailer has been released by Syfy, and it shows that Zod’s plans for Krypton’s expansion is coming to fruition. As well as Seg-El and Brainiac being trapped together in the Phantom Zone, which can only lead to some interesting things.

Oh, and then there’s Doomsday…he’s there too. And we know Lobo is coming as well, so it looks like Krypton Season 2 is going to be very action-packed and full of intrigue. No word on when it’s coming out, but given that this teaser trailer has come, it may not be as long as you think.